God Never Leaves

You know those moments where it feels like you are all alone and that God is a million miles away?

Or maybe you struggle in your calling and one day you feel the power of that calling and the next it is not so evident.

I, myself have encountered this from time to time, until the Lord showed me this vision-

I was sitting here at my computer and it felt as if everything was closing in and there was no one to talk to, so I began speaking to God. It seemed like I was just talking to myself because I did not get an immediate answer. Only a few seconds later, I found myself laid completely back in the chair overtaken by a vision. In this vision I seen a little girl trying to keep her balance while riding a bike. I seen her father run up behind her and hold her and the bike for a few minutes until he saw she kept her balance. Then the father let go and watched her closely as she finally was riding her bike on her own. Then the vision ended. I already had a deep sense of the meaning but I still asked God what it meant, He said-

“This little girl is you My daughter, and like many others. The father is I, the great I AM. And just as this father taught his daughter how to ride and keep her balance is how I am teaching you by my Spirit. So the times when it seems that I am far away are the times when I am the very closest. For this is necessary to try your wings and take flight for My kingdom. Just know Daughter and all who you tell of this, that My eyes are always on you. I will never leave you.”

Originally Published On 4/4/12 At 9:11 PM


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