Living By Faith

Living by faith is a more advanced level of knowing and trusting God for all of your needs. So many of us struggle with this everyday. It’s like if we can’t see the solution in front of us or with our physical eye then we feel there is no solution at all. We must realize and take full advantage of what being a part of the kingdom of God entails. It means we have full power of whatever God has, we have full blessing of what heaven holds, we have everything that God has created at our fingertips! Identify the worry and the doubt by stopping yourself and starting to pray victory over the worry/doubt. Begin to speak truth and prophecy positive words over your own future. Do the opposite of what Satan is telling you and take victory over your life and begin that new level of faith and in turn live by faith! Step back and wait on God, his timing is always perfect! Only God can make a way out of no way!

God bless you all!

Make a stand today and live victoriously!

Originally Published On 4/27/11 At 1:02 AM

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