Adjust Your Focus

Once you take your focus off of you,

who you are,

what you have done in the past,

what you do not have,

and place it where it belongs which is on Jesus.

It is then you find where your perfection and empowerment lies.

For we ourselves are not perfect, but we are made perfect through Christ that lives within. It is Jesus that is our perfection.

It is His Father who is our author and our finisher.
Many have come to me and asked, “What is my calling?”

“What should I be focused on in other words?”

What you should be focused on is Jesus, then heaven and all that is in it. When you have maintained your focus on Christ, then it is when the rest falls into place. Some of us are so intent on our focus of Jesus that we no longer notice what is missing in our lives. Let me encourage you all today to adjust your sights and set them on Jesus. Set your faces as a flint, letting no distractions take your sights away from heaven and all there is in it, and all the promises that await you.
So let today be the start of you not focusing on who you are or what you do not have.

Remove your downfalls out of the equation, and begin focusing on the one who can do all.

Begin focusing on the one that through all the impossible is made possible, and that is Jesus.
Matthew 6:33
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Originally Published On 6/18/12 At 8:03 PM

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