A Couple Ways To Identify A False Prophet

This topic has been on my mind for quite some time. I’ve had numerous people ask me how to differentiate who is who. I tell you, this is literally a 2 way street. You have the false prophets and the people rooting them on. I’ve found in my experiences, the people want a false prophets advice and works just as much as those who wish it never existed. People have evil intent on both sides, plain and simple. You also have the people who speak against the prophetic, believe it was done away with, or merely do not trust any of it and won’t even look it’s way. Regardless of the person (s), there are many avenues of perspective to take into account when speaking on this subject.

The absolute main way to identify would be by money. Money you say? And how do you gage whether or not someone is a false prophet like that?

Let me ask you some questions to get your mind where it needs to be in order to process what I’m about to tell you…

Do you have to leave $5 dollars in your very own prayer closet that you already paid the bills on to keep, each time you go in and pray?

Did you have to sow $500 dollars at the alter for that prayer of salvation you spoke?

Do you pay $20 to your friends and family to pray for you when you need it?

If someone has an important title and or fame, do you feel like you should pay them money just to get them to talk or pray for you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I encourage you to take inventory of your wisdom, intentions, knowledge of Gods word, and heart. By answering yes to any of these questions, you are perfect bait for a false prophet. And whether you know it or not, you are rooting them on.

Everyone knows things/places/needs cost money. This should be by now, common knowledge. So why do people have to be reminded to help? Why does a prophet have to demand in advance so much money just to do what your church , friends, and family can do? I’ve heard people declare, don’t let just anyone pray for you! Here’s the bottom line , if you worried about how people are praying for you, then get on your knees and pray for you. That way, you know! You will end up praying wrong if you do not do the following-

Believe in Jesus. Believe He will answer. Pray according to His will. Have faith. And the total cost of that is-$0

If a prophet is asking for money upfront- it means some or all of the following…

They are living off the ministry. It is their income.

They’ve lost sight of their own faith in God to provide.

They feel they are in too deep, overwhelmed, and have run out of patience on waiting for God to provide.

They’ve turned to the entrepreneurial mindset, and seek to run a tax free business versus a ministry thriving by faith.

They are new, and have observed others banking in on their gifts.

They attended one of the many types of schools for prophets and believe this is the right way to operate.

They could have an entitled fame based mindset that they build daily grandiose illusions upon and feel that is worth more than gold to access.

And, the worst- an ill heart that craves power, control, and thoroughly enjoys to see the people’s demise. They enjoy cashing in on others lack of knowledge.

Here’s the difference. We all have our own race. Not against each other but for the prize of salvation. How we run it, is our decision. In every race, there will be trials that define us. Uncomfortable moments that in turn later create identities. Chances that need taken, but only faith will unlock the success. Loss, gain. Failure and rejection. Regardless of how we become conditioned, we still hold the option to do the right thing through it all. It is every single one of our obligations to find out personally what the right thing is.

The right thing- God is the center of it all. Jesus is the door. The only way. Therefore-

If God is the One who called you, then God will be your everything behind anything you could ever need while you are fulfilling what He has called you to do. Your job is simply to obey. Attend to His will and not your own will.

If you need anything, God will provide according to His will. It is God who will move the hearts of the people to give , not your reminder.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed many ministries thrive, fall, and give away. Each one had their own race. Every single one that has either given away or fallen, had lost sight of the simple truth, that God is the center and He provides.

Another way to identify a false prophet is by their ways.

What do they do?

Are they out partying? Breaking the law? Are they transparent? Many characteristics I’ve noticed while observing real prophets is their strict desire to refrain from all evil. They move in God’s love, not the answered aggravations of the fleshly desires.

How do they live?

Do they live in a mansion? Dress in the latest worldly name brand clothing? Adorn themselves with loud jewels, makeup, and all the latest trends? Many of the real prophets I’ve met, live very humble. They would rather God shine through from the inside versus adorn and deceive the people to focus on their outside. They have little but still give. They understand that lack is still contentment as long as you have God. They also understand what it means to live righteously. Not shacking up unmarried. Or allowing abominations and the devils devices within or around their homes. They dedicate and sanctify their lives and homes to the use of God to dwell in.

How do they believe in Jesus?

This one is literally the real deal breaker. You would be amazed on just what Or who Jesus is to people. That’s if they even profess or acknowledge Him. Many false prophets begin believing more in themselves and their gifts moreso than in Jesus. They believe whole heartedly that since the gifts are irrevocable, then their conscious is right in them doing whatever it is they please or do whatever motives the current spirit within them directs. A false prophet will believe that God will bless their plans versus seeking God’s will of plans. To the false prophet, Jesus is the magic word, the pawn in power. They also believe it is by works that you receive anything from God. Paying close attention to how a prophet believes is a major factor is their authenticity.

What are their facial expressions?

I’m sure you all have heard of the poker face. The ability to literally wear a mask. The mask of illusion, the ability to portray a regal calm or peace that simple does not exist. But you see, when it doesn’t genuinely exist, it shows like a neon light. These are tell tale signs of what spirit dwells within this individual claiming to be a mouth piece for the most high God. God can and will use anyone, this is true. The difference is the spirit within them. If you’ve ever experienced Gods love or presence, you know by that alone, what spirit is of God. When you see their face morphing, see judgmental , sarcastic, hateful, prideful, ignorant, jealous expressions at opportune and delicate moments, then you know the spirit within is malevolent.

What do you see when you look into their eyes?

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. After years of fine tuning my own gifting from God, He taught me a valuable trait that is attached to every believer who is able to discern through the real Holy Spirit. That is the ability to look into someone’s eyes and see the spirit (s) within them. I am taught by Gods word to look for the illumination given to the individual as a reward for their obedience and faith. A shining or glowing of the eyes. When you look into those eyes, you see love, you see purity. You see Jesus.

When you look into the eyes of a false prophet, you see a black flat darkness. It acts as a movie screen to me. I can see the demons come up through that darkness and move back or forwards while manifesting. At times, it will literally look like a pair of black holes instead of eyes. Others that I’ve witnessed look like walls. There is no depth. Their pupils remind me of pin heads. Their look is extremely stern and rigid. Many of them are aware of this and cover their eyes, either with contacts or veils.

These are merely just a few ways that I’ve discerned the authenticity of a prophet. There is already in force a movement speaking about ways to identify. We do need descriptions that are sure and do away with confusion versus create it. I will be enthused to see all the different perspectives people will bring to the table through this new wave of discovery and sounding the alarm.

Bottom line- study to shew thyself approved. If you don’t know what you’re doing when in contact with any prophet, then leave it alone. Investigate. Learn. Don’t be led by the he- said – she- said for your basis of knowledge and operations. Stand on God’s word. Stand on what you personally have come to know as truth that has been verified through the power of God.

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